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Related article: Gaudeamus Igitur. Forrard on ! forrard on ; see them stream through the pasture ! If ever they meant it, they mean it to-day ; With the fire and the strength and the courage of Diamox 500 last year Renewed like the eagle's, we dash to the fray. There's a Diamox 250 Mg gap in those blackthorns ; catch hold of the bridle ; Feel him shorten his stride, till pop ! over he goes ; With a scent such Generic Diamox as this 'tis no time to be idle ; While the grey of November gleams couloir dc rose. Iv Diamox What's a year to a man, on a day such as this is ? The scenes of past seasons, the care and the fret ? Forgotten Order Diamox ! the south wind, for lost songs and kisses, Thus scatters the ashes of burnt-out regret. What's a year ? what are ten, in the joys of this morning, If the legs of our steeds be as sound as our wine ? Both the better a year ! Diamox Buy so, all consequence scorning, Ride, ride for our lives, on the left of the line. Who cares how the thickest of blackthorns may blind us To the wide-spreading view of the breadth of the shire ; And the Buy Diamox emerald pasture-land, dotted behind us With flecks of pale scarlet like flashes of fire ? Who recks of the yawners that wait to receive him ; The banks, the cut ditches he takes in his stride ; The slow-stealing brook, that but smiles to deceive him ; The sunk lane he must harden his heart at, and ride ? Who cares, as he steadies the young one's wild Diamox Acetazolamide rushes, For that hundred he lost at unlimited loo ? Or that thousand-to-ten that broke down at The Bushes ? No " field " now, but this one — " a hundred, bar two ! " Oh ! the billowy swell of the broad ridge-and-furrow, That the blood one glides over as smooth as a boat ; Let Yesterday drift down the tide with To-morrow — 'Tis the bliss of To-day that shall keep us afloat. 1899.] GAUDEAMUS IGITUR. 95 What is Time ? Vague expression of thought, half-existent, When eternity closed in a moment, we feel ; Whose seconds are marked by the hoof-beats Diamox Mg persistent As the cleft sod springs back from the stroke of the steel. What is space ? That tall bullfinch ahead is its limit ; Its outer dimension we ride upon Diamox Sequels 500 Mg here ! The cloud that we breathe on Ambition, to dim it ; The bit and the bridle that curb its career. Pure draught, of strange magic and oxygen blended, m That we quaff like Acetazolamide Diamox a bumper of foaming champagne ! Wild glow, born of manhood and confidence splendid, That thrills with each Purchase Diamox Online breath to the heart and the brain ! What cup, though distilled for us never so rarely — What vintage, to gladden the heart can compare With the exquisite flush of the leap taken fairly ; The winged delight of the rush of keen air ? No! the swifter delights of the saddle-tree rather, Than the duller production of wine-press or still ; And that music, the cry of the horn, flinging farther Its jubilant echoes from woodland and Purchase Diamox hill. Glad sound ! that on battle or hunting-field, flashes Its message electric to man and to horse : And the stiffened rail splinters, the sabre-stroke crashes, Alike to its note, amid grape-shot or gorse. Tablet Diamox Shall we hearken the voice of the sophist or scoffer ; Or their watch- word " barbarity " Diamox 125 Mg cause us to blush ? Is our strength less well-spent, if the Diamox Generic prizes we offer Be those frivolous trophies, the mask and the brush ? Why heed him, who sits on the seat of the scorner, For lack of Diamox 500mg the sinews to share in the game Diamox Tablets ? Dies the tigress less hard, when the bullet has torn her, Than the fox we ride after, with courage the same ? * No ! instant mischance, should we falter or bungle, , Is the fate that is balanced on rifle or rein : And in camp and on keel, as by meadow and jungle, Our Order Diamox Online mettle was never yet called for in vain. Our handful rode through them, let Britons remember — Those Muscovite squadrons, massed troop upon troop, As blithely as now, through the mists of November, We ride, from the find to the Buy Cheap Diamox final " who- whoop ! " ^K • T* tP ^^ ^^ The broad sea of turf begins rising and falling Already : the chest heaves, the strong muscles fail ; One effort, the last one, the crisis forestalling, At the stiff ditch-and-bank with the newly-cut rail. Hey over ! good horse ! with your nose in the clover ; Look, yonder he goes by the willows He's done ! They have got him ! . . . . our toil and his troubles are over, And we canter alone to the end of the run. Geoffrey de Holden-Stone. 96 [February The " White Horse," Fetter Lane. One by one the old coaching inns of the metropolis are disappear- ing, and it will not be long now before the Londoner who would become acquainted with a hostelry of the good old days where our grandsires put up on their journeys will have to make his searches further afield, and visit some pro- vincial towns, where a few inter- esting examples are still to be found. It is scarcely a year since that, amidst general regret, that well- known coaching house the " Old Bell," Holborn, the last repre- sentative of the old galleried inns on the north side of the Thames, was pulled down, and the de- servedly popular Ridler's Hotel, formerly Fagg's " Bell and Crown Inn, 1 ' has just shared its fate. Across the road, a few doors down Fetter Lane, stood, until quite recently, the old "White Horse" — in a very different con- dition perhaps from the days when no fewer than thirty-seven stage-coaches started from its doors, yet outwardly not materi- ally changed from the building as represented in James Pollard's well-known picture entitled " The Cambridge Telegraph leaving the White Horse, Fetter Lane(i828)," an engraving of which accom- panies this article. True, the " White Horse Tavern and Family Hotel " had become the " White Horse Chambers," and the quaint old coach office was a newspaper shop, while the sign, the badge of the House of Hanover, had dis- appeared, and the iron bracket over the door which held a lamp was empty. In its day this was one of the most noted coaching and posting houses of the metropolis, and was kept by William Chaplin, the largest of the London proprietors, who also had the " Spread Eagle," Gracechurch Street (since con- verted into a building of counting- houses and offices), and the " Swan with Two Necks," Lad Lane (now a railway goods station). As was then the custom, Chap- lin had the signs of his various